Nationally, based on spending by function, health ranked 3rd at $105.754 billion behind social security and welfare ($221.685 billion) and expenses for other purposes ($102.685 billion) in 2022–23. This was 16.8% of Australian Government’s expenses.1

In Queensland, health expenditure ranked 1st for general government sector expenses at 30.0% ($23.6 billion) followed by education at 24.3%.2

Understanding areas of health expenditure, costs per person and spending by health condition identifies the drivers of health spending.

This section includes:

  • Health expenditure by source and broad area including COVID-19 spending
  • Expenditure by condition, per person and by risk factor
  • Expenditure for First Nations peoples
  • General population results for a health-related quality of life measure used in health economics.

National healthcare expenditure information in also available for selected health conditions in Our Health and for risk factors in Our Lifestyle.


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Last updated: October 2023